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Goodbye Niknok Media

Producer Amanda Konkin started creating work in 2011 under the banner of Niknok Media. Since then she has transitioned away from theatre and shifted her focus into film and television. She incorporated 2 Film Companies in 2019 with amazing women, Spectacle 5 films and Download Joy Productions and has worked full time in animation at Mainframe Studios since 2015. While she no longer produces content using Niknok Media, the brand will always be close to her heart. She can continue to be reached at for all her live action production work.

If you wish to stay updated on all the latest projects Amanda has been working on, please visit

Puss: Reboot at the Vancouver Fringe Festival

Puss:Reboot Trailer from Nik Nok Media on Vimeo.


Nik Nok Media Presents

Puss: Reboot 

A Sci-Fi cyborg dystopia based on the classic fairytale Puss in Boots

September 5-13, 2014

Studio 1398

1398 Cartwright St, Granville Island

Tickets $14 with Fringe Festival Membership

 Vancouver, BC- Inspired by the past while looking to the future, Puss: Reboot blends the classic sensibilities of the Puss In Boots Fairytale with the projected ideals of science fiction storytelling to create a unique exploration of our modern culture of industry and ownership.

On the backdrop of imminent war and with the stakes of the freedom for a race, the Puss in Boots tale is elevated to a meditation on self-discovery and the cost of following ideology to the point of extremism.” – Emily Tyler, playwright

The Story: In a future where humanity has created a slave race of cyborgs, Gost, a military trained pacifist has coded the Reboot Virus to free them. When his father, the founder of Sinclair Technologies, mysteriously vanishes, Gost inherits Puss, one of the company’s original cyborg prototypes and ground zero for Gost’s initial Reboot tests. At the height of the cyborg revolution, the cunning Puss must help Gost to uncover his lost memories and release the virus, while his brother Jed fights to keep the key to cyborg enlightenment out of Gost’s control.

The Team: Puss: Reboot is written by Emily Tyler an MA English Literature candidate at McMaster University (2015) and co-directed by UBC graduates Ryan Caron and Amanda Konkin. The show features the acting talents of UBC BFA alumna Sarah Harrison (2014) as Puss aka model X1979, Xander Williams (2013) as Gost Sinclair, and Andrew Lynch (2011) as Jed Sinclair/The Doctor.

Show times: September 5 @ 10:05pm 1/2 price | September 6 @ 5:10pm | September 7 @ 1:15pm | September 8 @6:40pm | September 11 @ 8:30pm | September 13 @ 8:15pm

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Amanda Konkin, Producer/Co-director





The Apartment

Nik Nok Media founder, Amanda Konkin, is excited to be part of ACTivist Theatre Collective’s Short and Sweet: Small Plays for Big Ideas, happening this year at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival.  Amanda is directing one of the plays, The Apartment, about two women in the early months of the 1992 Bosnian War.  The play explores the dynamic between these two colleagues after Nusreta, a muslim, returns home to find Ankica, a serb, living in her apartment.  Vancouver Playwright Trina Davies was inspired by true stories of the Bosnian conflict, specifically the closure of the Omarska Concentration camp, to write this moving piece of theatre.

For a bit of background on the camp and to hear the thoughts of the real Nusreta, check out one of the articles Davies used for inspiration here:

In it, the real Nusreta discusses her feelings about returning to the camp years after its closure, and what the ordeal meant to her.

“The Apartment is an engaging script that deals with very complex issues in a straightforward and highly dramatic way.  The dialogue and characters of this piece provide a lot of substance for creative direction and I believe it can really speak to audiences about serious topics though a truthful and inspired voice”

- Amanda Konkin (Director, The Apartment)

Short and Sweet: Small Plays for Big Ideas will be playing at Vancouver International Fringe Festival fri sat and sun starting sept 9-sept 18th
The program for the fringe festival is now online and can be accessed through their website .
The site also has tickets on sale as of August 4th so be sure to purchase one soon so that you don’t miss out on this special collection of plays!


Short and Sweet: Small Plays for Big Ideas!

Nik Nok Media is lending a hand to the fabulous team at ACTivist Theatre Collective for their Vancouver International Fringe Festival production this year!  As part of Amnesty International’s 50th Anniversary celebration they are presenting Short and Sweet: Small Plays for Big Ideas at Photohaus Gallery in Vancouver.

This amazing collection of new works will be presented from September 9th to September 18th, 2011.  If you want to be involved please email or  check out their website for more information!!


How I Learned To Drive

drive-poster-smHow I Learned to Drive by Paula Vogel
Directed By Ryan Caron

Featuring Kristin Wright, Paul Griggs, Stephanie Dyck, Morgan Meredith and Grant Pulay
Location: Little Mountain Studios, 26th Ave E at Main St.

Show Dates: April 27th - May 7th, 2011
Show Times: 8pm Tuesday-Saturday, 2pm Saturday Matinees

Li’l Bit’s best memories are of being alone in her car doing 90mph down the Maryland back roads with her Uncle, the best, worst, and biggest part of her childhood.  How I Learned To Drive is a Pulitzer Prize winning drama that follows one woman’s journey through alcohol hazes, sexual discovery, confusion, terror and joy, with a man at the centre of it all. This play takes the audience through a complicated and poignant exploration of sexuality, family and childhood, revealing the discerning truth that in life, things are rarely black and white. There are no shining knights or villains, only memory, action and consequence.

How I learned to Drive is playing at Little Mountain Studio on E 26th and Main, April 27th- May 7th, 2011.  For discounted tickets attend the $8 preview performance on April 27th or 2-4-1 night Tuesday May 3rd, or purchase regular tickets for all other performances, $18 General Admission and $15 Student/Senior.  Ticket reservations can be made in advance via email:


Kristin Wright as Li’l Bit
Paul Griggs as Uncle Peck
Stephanie Dyck as Female Chorus
Morgan Meredith as Teenage Chorus
Grant Pulay as Male Chorus
Ryan Caron Director
Emily Tyler Stage Manager
Emily Hartig Designer