The Apartment

Nik Nok Media founder, Amanda Konkin, is excited to be part of ACTivist Theatre Collective’s Short and Sweet: Small Plays for Big Ideas, happening this year at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival.  Amanda is directing one of the plays, The Apartment, about two women in the early months of the 1992 Bosnian War.  The play explores the dynamic between these two colleagues after Nusreta, a muslim, returns home to find Ankica, a serb, living in her apartment.  Vancouver Playwright Trina Davies was inspired by true stories of the Bosnian conflict, specifically the closure of the Omarska Concentration camp, to write this moving piece of theatre.

For a bit of background on the camp and to hear the thoughts of the real Nusreta, check out one of the articles Davies used for inspiration here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/theguardian/2004/sep/10/guardianweekly.guardianweekly1

In it, the real Nusreta discusses her feelings about returning to the camp years after its closure, and what the ordeal meant to her.

“The Apartment is an engaging script that deals with very complex issues in a straightforward and highly dramatic way.  The dialogue and characters of this piece provide a lot of substance for creative direction and I believe it can really speak to audiences about serious topics though a truthful and inspired voice”

- Amanda Konkin (Director, The Apartment)

Short and Sweet: Small Plays for Big Ideas will be playing at Vancouver International Fringe Festival fri sat and sun starting sept 9-sept 18th
The program for the fringe festival is now online and can be accessed through their website http://www.vancouverfringe.com/program-guide/ .
The site also has tickets on sale as of August 4th so be sure to purchase one soon so that you don’t miss out on this special collection of plays!