Puss: Reboot at the Vancouver Fringe Festival

Puss:Reboot Trailer from Nik Nok Media on Vimeo.


Nik Nok Media Presents

Puss: Reboot 

A Sci-Fi cyborg dystopia based on the classic fairytale Puss in Boots

September 5-13, 2014

Studio 1398

1398 Cartwright St, Granville Island

Tickets $14 with Fringe Festival Membership


 Vancouver, BC- Inspired by the past while looking to the future, Puss: Reboot blends the classic sensibilities of the Puss In Boots Fairytale with the projected ideals of science fiction storytelling to create a unique exploration of our modern culture of industry and ownership.

On the backdrop of imminent war and with the stakes of the freedom for a race, the Puss in Boots tale is elevated to a meditation on self-discovery and the cost of following ideology to the point of extremism.” – Emily Tyler, playwright

The Story: In a future where humanity has created a slave race of cyborgs, Gost, a military trained pacifist has coded the Reboot Virus to free them. When his father, the founder of Sinclair Technologies, mysteriously vanishes, Gost inherits Puss, one of the company’s original cyborg prototypes and ground zero for Gost’s initial Reboot tests. At the height of the cyborg revolution, the cunning Puss must help Gost to uncover his lost memories and release the virus, while his brother Jed fights to keep the key to cyborg enlightenment out of Gost’s control.

The Team: Puss: Reboot is written by Emily Tyler an MA English Literature candidate at McMaster University (2015) and co-directed by UBC graduates Ryan Caron and Amanda Konkin. The show features the acting talents of UBC BFA alumna Sarah Harrison (2014) as Puss aka model X1979, Xander Williams (2013) as Gost Sinclair, and Andrew Lynch (2011) as Jed Sinclair/The Doctor.

Show times: September 5 @ 10:05pm 1/2 price | September 6 @ 5:10pm | September 7 @ 1:15pm | September 8 @6:40pm | September 11 @ 8:30pm | September 13 @ 8:15pm

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