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How I Learned To Drive

drive-poster-smHow I Learned to Drive by Paula Vogel
Directed By Ryan Caron

Featuring Kristin Wright, Paul Griggs, Stephanie Dyck, Morgan Meredith and Grant Pulay
Location: Little Mountain Studios, 26th Ave E at Main St.

Show Dates: April 27th - May 7th, 2011
Show Times: 8pm Tuesday-Saturday, 2pm Saturday Matinees

Li’l Bit’s best memories are of being alone in her car doing 90mph down the Maryland back roads with her Uncle, the best, worst, and biggest part of her childhood.  How I Learned To Drive is a Pulitzer Prize winning drama that follows one woman’s journey through alcohol hazes, sexual discovery, confusion, terror and joy, with a man at the centre of it all. This play takes the audience through a complicated and poignant exploration of sexuality, family and childhood, revealing the discerning truth that in life, things are rarely black and white. There are no shining knights or villains, only memory, action and consequence.

How I learned to Drive is playing at Little Mountain Studio on E 26th and Main, April 27th- May 7th, 2011.  For discounted tickets attend the $8 preview performance on April 27th or 2-4-1 night Tuesday May 3rd, or purchase regular tickets for all other performances, $18 General Admission and $15 Student/Senior.  Ticket reservations can be made in advance via email:


Kristin Wright as Li’l Bit
Paul Griggs as Uncle Peck
Stephanie Dyck as Female Chorus
Morgan Meredith as Teenage Chorus
Grant Pulay as Male Chorus
Ryan Caron Director
Emily Tyler Stage Manager
Emily Hartig Designer



The Matrix Rebooted

The Matrix Rebooted was produced by Nik Nok Media in January 2011 as part of the Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival.  The premiere film project for director Amanda Konkin, it starred Ryan Caron, Alex Vandanathuvayalil, Brendan Albano and Amanda Konkin with original graphics by Michael J. Cohen.

Simulating a movie that was largely inspired by Baudrillard’s treatise Simulacra and Simulation seemed like the perfect way to pay homage to this modern classic! The Matrix is full of powerful images and creative filming techniques that were a lot of fun to explore in this 60 second recreation.


The Matrix Rebooted from Nik Nok Media on Vimeo.